Badtoro of the Month

Maxime Van Gent

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2011 and 2012 PWA Freestyle Women Youth Champion, and one of the youngest competitors on the PWA world tour, 17 year old Maxime van Gent is the windsurfer to keep an eye on these days.

The first time Maxime tried windsurfing, she got the hand of it pretty fast. With a background in gymnastics, she already had the balance required when starting, and after only a couple of weeks she started planing; Getting wind in the sail and going full power made Maxime completely hooked on windsurfing, and since then she has been unstoppable.

Living in Bonaire in the Caribbean, Maxime lives in the paradise for windsurfing. There is a big freestyle windsurf community on the island, and because of this she almost always train with other windsurfers. By training with others Maxime feels she is being pushed to the limit, and are able to develop more as a windsurfer. This community is known for always charing and for each other, and motivating each other, to always give it all you have, and to never give up.

Maxime van Gent is a great BadToro role model, and we are proud to announce her as the BadToro of the month! One of Maxine’s goals is to get more involved in the windsurfing community, and inspiring others to start windsurfing. Also, she wants to work towards getting more girls to start freestyling. Maxime is aiming to be ranked among the top 5s this year in PWA Women Freestyle. Furthermore, she is hoping to participate in the world championship in the future. If Maxime keeps going with the same amount and courage and willingness to never give up as she shows today, we will definitely see a lot of her in the future!

A BadToro is never afraid of challenges. A BadToro doesn’t always reach all of his or her goals, but a BadToro never give up, and always keeps on trying. A BadToro is not afraid of trying to reach for those goals many other find impossible. To become the BadToro of the month you need to show extraordinary courage, respect and sincerity, especially when facing challenges.

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