BADTORO is a noble but challenging looking pet that is characterized above all by his courage in facing challenges that may seem impossible to many. It represents not to hide from anything or anyone acting always with courage, respect and sincerity.

BADTORO never yields to adversity and it always tries again although. We can not always achieve our dreams, but we keep trying. Only then you can become a BADTORO.

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    BadToro News

    Lack of luck in Hungary

    Complicated weekend for the Racing Engineering team due to the penalties applied to both drivers that had to start the race at positions 18 and 19 respectively for ...

    On 28 July, 2014 / By
  • Alastair Staley
    BadToro News

    Difficult race in Hockenheim

    At the start of the race, all those cars on slicks had serious difficulties while those wearing water tires managed to advance easily. For this reason, Lello did ...

    On 22 July, 2014 / By
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    BadToro News

    Bittersweet weekend for Racing Engineering

    Racing Engineering has undergone some ups and downs this weekend at Silverstone. Stefano Coletti and Julian Leal suffered an accident which ended up penalizing the Carlin driver reversing ...

    On 7 July, 2014 / By

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